What is UPVC

UPVC or PVCu is a form of plastic and stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is also known as rigid PVC due to the fact that it is hard and not flexible. It is a resistant from of PVC that is often used for doors and window frames.

Why is uPVC a good material for window frames?

uPVC is proven to offer excellent performance and durability, it is long lasting and requires very little maintenance making it the perfect material for your windows. It is also recognised for its thermal efficiency, sound insulation and great value for money. For larger frame sections we use a galvanised steel reinforcement to improve the strength and durability. With Safestyle you can rest assured that even in the harshest weather conditions your windows will not warp, rot or rust due to the quality and nature of the uPVC we manufacture.


maximum water resistance
Maximum water tightness and resist 
The antistatic nature 

Thermal breaks reduces electricity cost 

German quality incorporet broad corner profiles which have high resistance to drive rain and joint tightness ensuring added protection from strong wind heavy rain and salty air

The antistatic nature of Upvc repels dust and other harmful dust particles from the panel

German quality windows are made from upvc material which are bad conditions of heat thus keeping the house cool and reducing consumption of electricity

Noise Insulation 

Smooth  surface for easy cleaning 

Wooden finishing laminates as good as wood 

Noice should be seen not heard

The surface of the upvc is non porous and dose not allow dust or any other dust particles to settle on its surface. This allows easy cleaning of all doors and windows

Wooden laminate are aesthetically design to match the look and feel of real wood so when laminated on profiles it papiers like the natural wooden windows

Welded Joints 
Fire Retardant 

Unlike ordinary conventional systems german quality UPVC windows/doors are welded ,insuring that there is no air gap this hight quality precision  binding keeps the house free from dust and noice 

Upvc is easy  to recycle and as such leave any hazardous waste into the environment


Upvc material used in german quality profile eliminates the hazards of fire and ensure safety for you and your family 


why German Quality ?

German Quality offer innovations to strengthen its consistency in delivery quality product and service. This long-term corporate focus makes us  a reliable partner for Ottawa Contracting & Trading.

  • Only Company in Doha Offering End to End Complete Solutions of UPVC windows & Doors: Sales to Installation.
  •  We specialized in Qatar market in suppling extra thick profile.
  • We only use the best quality German and Turkish profile
  • Our profile is design with superior quality and specially for the hot  weather areas
  • Best heat and noise insulating performance and protection against and weather elements
  • We only uses German and Italy accessories
  • Our special guarantee is 10 years
  • Our profile are thicker which means increasing heat insulation and protection fron dust and notice


     German Quality -UPVC windows 
Tilt & Turn / Double Action


Single Action


Fixed Window


Slider Window


Bottom hung


top hung


GQ-UPVC   Doors

Glass Doors


Slider doors


Composite doors